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The weekly catch up #5 (of sorts)

The weekly catch up #5 (of sorts)A week in my life condensed down into one post...but this weeks is a little different.
So first of all I want to say sorry for not only the lack of posts this week but also for the fact that this weekly catch up is a day late. You see, other than going shopping with my mum on the Wednesday of last week (which you can see my vlog of in my YouTube channel, link in my about me page) I really haven't done much this week and that has caused me to enter one of my slightly depressive episodes.
I have honestly been waking up in the mornings, and sometimes the afternoons, thinking to myself "what is the point to me waking up?", "should I just go back to sleep?" And "why am I feeling like this?".
And the honest answer to the last question is that I just don't know. 
You never really know when depression is go into strike, and it can sometimes be overnight and for no apparent reason. I would wake up to just go back to sleep soon …