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Feeling of sensory overload

Feelings of Sensory overload
So I wrote this post while I was in one of my university lectures and experiencing sensory overload. 
I'm sitting in my lecture as I write this, experiencing sensory overload. Something that I have alot and really affects my anxiety and my ability to perform in class.
The only way I can think to describe it to those who don't suffer from this is image that it was possible for you to hear every sound that is happening in the room around you, you feel the vibrations from those noises travelling through your body and there is no way for you to stop them.
Now you may think how this affects my anxiety, but to that I ask how doesn't it?
The main focus of my anxiety is that I struggle to process information that I'm being told, I'm trying to listen to everything I need to all at once and then I start to panic that I'm going to miss out on something important and that I'm going to fail and my life is going to come to an end.
Now in this lectu…

3 reasons that I love musicals so very, very much

3 reasons that I love musicals so very, very much 
As you may have guessed from a number of music puns I have made in the past, I really love my music but my favourite type of music is that that comes from the stage. 
That's right, I'm talking about MUSICALS (insert jazz hands here).
In this post, I'm going to break down the 3 reasons why I love musicals so very, very much, what some of my favourite musicals are and how they have surprisingly helped me in my quest to improve my mental health.
So, let's say "hello" to all the reasons I love musicals (but my name certainly isn't elder price). 
1. My grandma.
Very early on in my life (around the age of 4/5) my grandma was always showing me programs from the musicals she was performing in her early 20's (I think it was around the early 1960's) and about how much she loved it. Unfortunately she was forced to stop once she married my Grandad and became pregnant with my aunt and even though she says she never …

So I've been put on bed rest by my doctor...

So I've been put on bed rest by my doctor...And you may be wondering why.
Well, the short version of this story is that I currently have something called costochondritis which means that the cartilage connecting my ribs to my breastbone is inflamed and very painful.

The longer version of the story starts back on Thursday 5th October where at 11am while at university I started to get some very back chest pains. Now, these chest pains didn't get better (in fact they were getting worse) throughout the day so in the evening we (my parents and I) made the decision to go up to A&E because you know, better to be safe than sorry.
We got to the hospital and I only had to wait around 10 minutes before being seen and hooked up to an ECG to make sure it wasn't my heart. I'm very happy to say that it wasn't anything to do with my heart so was then sent to the urgent care centre, a part of the hospital where there are GP's available through the night. The only downside to t…