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My my, I really need to stop doing this, don't I?

My my, I really need to stop doing this, don't I?Why have I been away for a long time...Again...
I'm just a girl, sitting in front of her laptop screen, asking you to forgive her for not updating her blog for a long while. 
But on a serious note I really am sorry for not writing on here for a long time, but between university, poor mental health, poor physical health and life in general, I'm surprised I even managed to find time to sit and eat (kind of ironic in some ways seeing as I study food at university).
But anyway, I'm back now, I'm finding ways to manage my time and in general myself better so I can talk more and write more for all of you lovely people out there. 
I won't go into details as to what has been happening since I've been gone, I'd rather look forward than backwards (but if you have any burning questions then feel free to and I'll answer them the best I can) so I suppose this was just a quick update to tell you that I'm back now a…