We made it through the first year. There have been tears, tantrums and times where all we wanted to do was sleep (but to be honest, that's me all the time). 
But there have also been smiles, laughter and many kind words exchanged. 
So let's sit back and look over the first year of Abigail's Anxieties and start to look to the future so we can have even more to celebrate on our second birthday. 
It all started on Wednesday 28th June 2017 when I set up this blog and was planning on having it as a place where I could not only vent about problems (thank you very much for listening to those rants by the way) but I could also use it as a place to show the positives and negatives of mental health problems to show both sides of the coin and educate people who may not know much about them and how they can help.
We started on the same day by showing the somewhat ugly side of mental health problems with a post called And so it begins... wher…

Coping with exams when you have mental health problems: my tips and tricks.

Coping with exams when you have mental health problems.
So I've just completed my first year at university, YAY!!! (insert applause here) and as part of finishing my first year I had to do one of my worst nightmares: sit an exam, dun dun dunnnn!!!
Now I have never, ever, EVER liked exams and I want to say to those who do enjoy exams, please teach me your ways. Anyway, while others who don't like exams may just feel a little nervous and unprepared when going in, when you have mental health problems the situation can be very different.
In my own personal experience, I can have studied as much as humanly possible, practised as many questions I could get my hands on and watched as many educational youtube videos that I could stay awake for but in the end, my anxiety will provide that nasty little voice in my head telling me that I know nothing and that I've already failed the exam so what is the point of even sitting it.
Then my depression decides to join the party and lower my mo…

My my, I really need to stop doing this, don't I?

My my, I really need to stop doing this, don't I?Why have I been away for a long time...Again...
I'm just a girl, sitting in front of her laptop screen, asking you to forgive her for not updating her blog for a long while. 
But on a serious note I really am sorry for not writing on here for a long time, but between university, poor mental health, poor physical health and life in general, I'm surprised I even managed to find time to sit and eat (kind of ironic in some ways seeing as I study food at university).
But anyway, I'm back now, I'm finding ways to manage my time and in general myself better so I can talk more and write more for all of you lovely people out there. 
I won't go into details as to what has been happening since I've been gone, I'd rather look forward than backwards (but if you have any burning questions then feel free to and I'll answer them the best I can) so I suppose this was just a quick update to tell you that I'm back now a…

When you feel like you're wearing a mask...

When you feel like you're wearing a mask...

First things first: depression sucks. Like really, really sucks.
It can strike at any moment, it doesn't care what you need to do or what your social plans are. It's selfish and only cares about making its presence known. 
The trouble is that while some employers/education centres/friends/family are starting to become more understanding when it comes to mental health problems, the majority of them still aren't and you somehow find yourself forcing yourself going through your everyday life as if nothing is wrong when on the inside you have no emotion whatsoever. 
And that's when you have to choose which mask you're going to wear that day. 
Are you going to wear your sad mask, you know, the one that people think depression really is? This might make your depression seem more believable to those around you so they finally believe that there is something rather than it just being a case of needing to cheer up and look on the b…

My Liebster award nomination/acceptance post!!!

My Liebster award nomination/acceptance post!!!

So yeah, I've only gone and got nominated for the Liebster award by the wonderful my naija life who writes about her life in Nigeria. 
For those wondering what the Liebster award is it is an award that was created to recognize and discover new bloggers and to welcome them to the world of blogging. The award only exists online and is provided by bloggers, for bloggers. In other words, it's all about bloggers supporting and building each other up. 
There are however a few rules that have to be followed by those who are nominated:
If you've been nominated and have decided to accept it, write a Blog post about this award including a thank you to the blog that nominated you in the first place and also provide a link to them.
Display the award on your blog either in the post or by including it as a widget/gadget on your blog
Answer the questions about yourself, which the person who nominated you will ask you. (You can use the same questi…


(Insert shameless plug for my knitting business here) ( you can even have a look at the logo here)

Hi everyone, 
this is just a quick post to show off (and shamelessly plug) the fact that my knitting business has currently got a couple of handmade Christmas decorations, each one made by yours truly.

First up, we have a lovely silvery-grey snowflake, 4 inches by 4 inches. It's hand crocheted and also has a loop on the top to make it easy to hook onto maybe a Christmas tree or even to use in place of a gift tag on presents. 

The second item is a dark green (with specks of brown) hand crocheted Christmas tree, 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Again it has a loop at the top so could also be used for decorations or in place of a gift tag. 

Both of these items are £2 each with free postage in the UK but an extra £2 for postage anywhere outside of the UK.
If you are interested in getting some of these items then just email my knitti…

Why am I doing (and finishing) my Christmas shopping in early November?

Why am I doing (and finishing) my Christmas shopping in early November?

Now some of you are probably already screaming at the title of this post and are probably considering doing one of two things: 1) clicking away because you don't think you can even begin to understand why someone would even want to be thinking about finishing their Christmas shopping in early November or 2) reading this whole post because you want to understand why on earth someone would be thinking a bit finishing their Christmas shopping in early November.
Well if you fall into the number 2 group then settle down and enter my (extremely early) winter wonderland of "Christmas in early November"
(insert Christmas music and all that jazz here)
Number 1: crowds
Now as someone with an anxiety disorder, I'm not good at dealing with large crowds at the best of times, but when it gets to the Christmas season shopping centres seem to turn into a scene from any dead rising game. It's just that rather than…